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Dessert Table Package

Let me design your dessert table for your event! Everything is homemade and baked fresh . Just give me a theme and I'll put a great dessert table together for you.

Included in the dessert table packages is my time which includes baking of all the items, designing your dessert table, a table if needed, platters, making all the printables and printing them myself, set up and breakdown. Not included is mileage to your event which I can calculate for you and a cake if needed; however, if you decide to add a cake, they are at discounted prices per package.​ My mileage fee is .50 per mile to and from my location to the event address and any toll fees if applicable.

Dessert Table Package

$17 (+tax) per person minimum guest count is 60 
(the amount of treats and types of treats will be discussed once guest count is set)

Add a cake 
6" = $67.50
8" = $90.00
10" =$130.00
12" = $180.00


Terms and conditions Please initial indicating you’ve read each line . ___ Purchaser agrees to keep all platters and decor (anything used to set up the dessert table) free from damage and if anything is missing from the original set up will be charged an additional $100.00 per every 2 items during the time of breakdown. ___ No other food related items may be placed on the dessert table set up by the Seller “Sugar Faced Bay Area” for safety/health reasons. Other dessert items not provided by Sugar Faced Bay Area will have to be placed on a different table. ___ A non-refundable 50% deposit is due upon receipt (to hold the date) and the remaining balance is due in cash on the day of pick up delivery. Seller does not carry change/cash or cannot break any large bills. ___ Seller does not provide candles or a cake knife. Please remember to bring your own. If your cake will have fondant, please be sure to bring a cake knife sharp and long enough to be able to cut through the cake. ___ Purchaser understands that the deposit is non refundable and may transfer over any credit to another available day or may use that credit to purchase other items in the future. ___ Purchaser understands that seller needs at least 2 hours for set up and should be scheduled at the earliest available time and should be free from guests disrupting the set up process. ___ Purchaser understands that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to disclose to their guests any items that may cause allergic reactions such as nuts and dairy. ___ Purchaser agrees to the above. NAME PRINTED ___________________ SIGNATURE ____________________ DATE ____________

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